High Pressure Fuel Pump Problems on R56 MINI Cooper S Models

If you are the owner of a 2007-2009 Mini Cooper S model you need to be aware of the problems Mini & BMW are having with their High Pressure Fuel Pumps (HPFP). This was a well known issue on the BMW N54 turbo engine and it affected thousands of BMW vehicles between 2007-2010, so much so that BMW issued a recall. Well the Mini customers are not getting the same love from BMW, and there is no such recall to replace these under warranty. Mini did however extend the warranty to 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first on the 2007-2009 S models only. So if you have a 2010 or newer vehicle or a vehicle over 120,000 miles you are not covered. It is important that you take your Mini to a specialty shop only, because if they are reputable and know these cars they would refer you to the dealer for warranty repairs. A lot of shops, especially general automotive repair shops are unaware of the extended warranty and might try and sell you one instead.


So, how do you know if you are having the issue? Well that is a good question and it is not always easy one to answer. The HPFP does not always just die, it sometimes prolongs the issue making it confusing to diagnose unless the check engine light comes on. Some of the pumps have been reported to die all at once, with some even failing while driving at freeway speeds, causing the engine to die (very dangerous). The most common symptom that the HPFP is starting to fail is engine surging while driving. This is usually followed up by difficulty starting, and then when the engine finally does start, it runs poorly (feels like a diesel engine). When you get to this stage, usually the check engine light will come on and register misfire codes, thankfully making it easier to figure out.

Our recommendation is that if you are having any of these symptoms to get your vehicle to a certified Mini Cooper specialist and get your vehicle checked before it becomes dangerous, and so that possible warranty coverage may be verified.

Here is the text of the letter from MINI USA-



  • reply Nick Mallory ,

    I’ll have to see if this issue is affecting my Mini. I would have thought that I’d have noticed, but you said that the HPFP doesn’t always die right away. I’d hate for it to go out and kill the engine on the freeway; with the way traffic is that would be super dangerous. Thanks for the warning.

    • reply Narius Irani ,

      FYI – I have a 2011 Cooper Countryman S with 110k miles which has this injection pump problem. I called the dealer and they verified it is covered under the extended warranty as well.

      • reply Kathy Loeffler ,

        I just returned from the dealer with same HPFP problem on my 2011 Mini S Hardtop. Yes, Mini covered the pump replacement (??just the part was covered) but I was charged $1900 ($540 for parts/$1250 labor) for the gaskets, coolant and turbo lines and various and sundry items that I think were connected to the pump. Seems they are collecting back most if not all of their costs. Interesting that the original warranty extension was for 2007-2009 cars. Obviously they did not correct the problem and continued to use a poorly designed pump in newer models. Has anyone else been charged for these associated expenses?

        • reply mini-Driver ,

          hi Kathy, I face the similar condition yesterday with my mini cooper 2011 model, not yet to any car dealer. wanted to know does this fuel pump under warranty still ?

          • reply Chuck ,

            Those items are not connected to the HPFP. The HPFP has 2 fuel connections, inlet and outlet, an electrical connector, and comes with a new o-ring where it bolts to the cylinder head.

        • reply Jono healing ,

          If the same hpfp is in my citroen ds3 surely citroen should be made aware of this as mine is not the first one that’s got issues, how can I get them to replace mine as they want best part of £800 to replace it which I just cannot afford

          • reply Elaine Briere ,

            My 2008 Mini Cooper S is at the dealer now due to problems of almost stalling & the engine light coming on. It then hesitate s to go when given the gas. This happens when I’m in alot of traffic. They told me it is the fuel pump. Also because it has 128,000 miles it will cost me $1650 to replace it. Very true it is only covered up to 120000 miles. This sucks plus a belt us craked for 170, valve cover is leaking & the spark plugs are fouled. This car has had the water pump changed twice, thermostat housing changed 3 times, and recently changed the Roters & struts. And a few other things. It too bad because I love driving this car but will never buy another one.

            • reply Ronald Spiers ,

              I have a 2011 MINI Cooper S and I am having the fourth HPFP installed. The car has 100k miles on the clock. Two of the replacements have been covered by warranty. I am not impressed with BMW/MINI as this is a known problem with ethanol in the fuel. Are there any additives that could help? I understand they have them for boat motors due to the ethanol in the fuel.

              • reply Chuck ,

                A customer of mine just got his 2011 N18 HPFP covered under warranty. MINI USA said extended warranty for 10 years, 120,00o miles. I can’t find anything online about this yet, but it is now covered.

                • reply Mike ,

                  So everyone talks about these HPFP’s failing but no one has pinpointed what causes them to fail? If its poor design then what is it about the pump design that is faulty? Is it ethanol in the fuel? Is it running the fuel tank low on fuel?

                  • reply Connie ,

                    I have a 2011 Mini Cooper S and it’s in the shop now with the check engine light on. Was told in December the problem was my fuel injector. Cost big bucks to replace, but did only one not all 4. After 2wks driving the check engine light came on again. Finally could fit me into the shop/Mini Service. Telling me now it’s the HPFP. Would I be getting the same sputtering, hesitation to start, feels like water in the fuel line issue for both these problems?

                    • reply Mark ,

                      So does this mean my mini is covered 2012 s hatchback 82,000 miles mine is starting to go

                      • reply Erv ,

                        Took my ’09 Cooper S Clubman in for stumbling on starting issues today – just got a call that it was the high pressure fuel pump. Replaced under warranty!

                        • reply bryantautosales ,


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