Santa Monica Christmas Shopping 101: Naughty & Nice

While you’re out and about holiday shopping this month, if you simply visit these three shops first, you’ll find the perfect present for everyone on your list and can enjoy the rest of the day doing what you love to do most — driving your BMW or MINI Cooper!

Nice: McCabe’s Guitar Shop

You don’t have to have a musician in your life to appreciate this gem. In fact, if you simply love music, love off-the-beaten-path artists, and are looking for a way-cool place to check out this holiday season – go to the 1958-established McCabe’s Guitar Shop! Along with an impressive inventory of thousands of “stringed things” from which to buy or rent, McCabe’s offers a lot more than your “typical” guitar shop. You can pick up concert tickets, enjoy free coffee, sign up for group classes (learn how to play the ukulele!), have your instrument repaired, snag some stocking-stuffer gift cards, and – hear live music! Yep, they are famous for hosting live, intimate music shows at their joint! The roster of internationally-renowned artists who have played at McCabe’s is mind-blowing and includes: spoken-word and Black Flag front man Henry Rollins, as well as Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, and countless more! Loudoun Wainwright III (you know, of “Crossin’ the highway late last night…dead skunk in the middle of the road” fame) will be performing there January 18th and 19th at 8 p.m. Tickets are $36.50 and, if you’re familiar with Wainwright, you know that’s a deal, and – if you’ve never heard of him – you are being blessed with the once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to check out this phenomenal songwriter and performer. McCabe’s is open 24 hours…online, and 7 days a week at their brick-and-mortar location at 3101 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica!

Nicely Naughty: Victoria’s Secret

A classy combination of beautiful and sexy, Victoria’s Secret is your go-to boutique for all those soft, silky, and aesthetically-appealing undergarments, teddies, tops, and tights! What woman doesn’t love to secretly sport something amazing under her street clothes or doesn’t love the feeling of slipping into something slinky and flattering for an evening sipping some cool seasonal cocktail in front of the fireplace with her love? Gone are the days you had to park around the corner and surreptitiously sneak into a shop just for adults to try to find something super special for your partner to wear. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret, you can peruse the displays of lingerie with confidence and proudly carry that shopping bag back to your BMW knowing that whatever you picked out will be loved by your partner before that signature “Victoria’s Secret” packaging is even opened! The Santa Monica shop is located at 1311 3rd Street Promenade. They’re open 7 days a week, and Fridays and Saturdays until 10 p.m.

Beautifully Nice: Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Gallery

Want to give a gift that will be loved, talked about, appreciated, and treasured for generations? Then shop at Adam’s Gallery. Established in 1972 by Adamm Gritlefeld, this one-of-a-kind studio of treasures in Santa Monica offers stunning stained, leaded, beveled, etched, and carved glass windows, doors, and skylights! Many businesses, Churches, Synagogues, hotels, restaurants, and private residences commission customized pieces from the gallery. Since 1976, Adamm has been including the beautiful pieces of other artists in his gallery; today, you’ll find over 175 artists represented at the shop! The gallery also offers a highly-specialized repair and restoration service, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a lifetime exchange policy. Located at 1426 4th Street in Santa Monica, Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Glass Gallery is open 6 days a week; closed Sundays.

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