Ride the Lightning! BMW’s Electric Car Technology for Tomorrow

2020 BMW iX3 Santa Monica

It’s no secret that going green is catching on, and the motor vehicle industry is giving consumers what they want. While this year’s hottest sellers include the newly introduced Hyundai Kona Electric and the ever-popular Tesla Model 3, many more vehicle brands, most notably BMW, are expected to make their mark in the coming years. As demand for hybrid and fully-electric vehicles continues to rise, technology is evolving in a way that allows for more accessible pricing, a diverse lineup of vehicle models, and increased access to charging stations in cities around the world.

BMW’s Outlook on Electric

While the BMW brand made waves with the early introduction of their i3 electric vehicle, there has been some buzz over the past few years suggesting that the company may have lost its momentum. Part of this concern is due to the fact that while Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar have all recently released long-range electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs), BMW’s version won’t come out until next year. The company’s CEO Harald Krueger, who recently resigned, is often cited as the reason for the company’s “slow and steady” approach to electric vehicle technology. His departure may indicate a promising change for the company.

Anticipated New Releases

BMW has announced that by the end of 2019 they plan to have over 500,000 hybrid or fully-electric cars on the road. In 2020, the company is releasing the iX3 electric SUV and an all-electric version of their iconic Mini Cooper. From there, things are expected to accelerate even more quickly. The highly-anticipated iNext and i4 are both scheduled to come out in 2021. The iNext is a fully electric crossover sport activity vehicle equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving, while the i4 is a fully electric sports sedan that will be a competitor to the Tesla Model 3. BMW has also announced plans to release 25 new electric or hybrid models by the year 2021. This is a full two years earlier than the company’s previous projections. It’s anticipated that at least half of these models will be fully electric.

Electric Vehicle Sales Predictions

BMW’s hybrid and electric vehicle sales are predicted to double between now and 2021. The company also anticipates a 30 percent annual sales growth until at least 2025. Tough emissions rules in the European Union are fueling some of this demand. BMW is addressing this specific need with the development of a new hybrid technology that automatically switches to electric-only mode when entering cities that have zero-emission zones. This feature, called eDrive Zones Function, will be included in all of BMW’s plug-in hybrid models starting in 2020.

BMW’s Commitment to Electric

While they may have initially approached the switch to electric with caution, BMW has made it clear that they’re committed to producing sustainable vehicles in sustainable ways. The company recently announced that by the year 2020, they’re planning to only buy electricity from renewable energy sources for all of their production locations worldwide. This renewed commitment makes it clear that you can expect to see big things from the company over the next several years.

BMW Service & Repair: Independent Shops vs. Dealerships

Independent BMW Service

“If you think a good BMW mechanic is expensive, try using a bad one.” While there’s some humor to this quote, there’s also more than a hint of truth. BMWs are more than just vehicles, they’re extremely high-tech driving machines. As such, repairs and maintenance should only be trusted to a highly-trained and skilled technician. When seeking a mechanic, BMW owners often wonder whether it’s better to stick with the dealership or to take their vehicle to an independent shop. At The Haus, we believe the answer is obvious. Stick with the PROS! The following list of pros and cons will help explain why.

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The (Un-Touristy) Santa Monica Summertime To-Do List

Twilight on Pier Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a haven for tourists, and with good reason. From the Santa Monica Pier to Third Street Promenade, there’s no end to the fun things visitors can do. As a local, though, you’ll eventually hit a point when you just can’t take another minute of touristy-fun. Are you ready to step away from the obvious and explore a whole new side of Santa Monica? We’ve got you covered! Here are five awesome, non-touristy activities to add to your summertime to-do list.

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BMW Santa Monica Service Appointments Made Easy!


Taking care of your BMW shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether your “Check Engine” light is on, your brake pads need replacing, or you need a simple oil change, The HAUS offers the convenience, quality, and peace of mind you deserve. No time to call and make an appointment? No problem! We know all about life on the go, so we’ve made it easy to book your appointment online at any time of the day or night. Simply visit our contact page to complete your appointment request. We’ll get back to you right away to confirm your date and time and answer all of your questions.
We also understand that online options aren’t right for everyone. Sometimes you really just need to speak to someone in person. Our co-owner, Kevin Emamian, is 100 percent committed to customer attention and satisfaction. When you call The HAUS, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to him, so he can make sure you receive exactly what you need.
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A Better BMW Repair Shop for Van Nuys, California


Long regarded as the metropolitan center of San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys offers families and young professionals plenty of options when it comes to restaurants, shops, parks, and other attractions. The city’s close proximity to The HAUS also makes it San Fernando Valley’s automotive center point.
Our staff loves spending their free time in Van Nuys, and when customers stop by to have their BMW or Mini Coopers serviced, we often ask them about their favorite neighborhood hotspots. Although the list is very long, a few spots always seem to come out on top. If you haven’t checked these places out yet, now is the time!

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New Flare & New Flavor: Beverly Hills’ Best New Restaurants To Try in 2019

After a day of enjoying adventures behind the wheel of your BMW or Mini Cooper, there are few things better than indulging in a decadent dinner at one of the hottest new restaurants in Beverly Hills. While there’s no shortage of great places to eat in the area, a few spots truly stand out. Check out these five awesome eateries that actually live up to the hype.

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