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Beverly Hills BMW Service

So, you’ve taken the plunge and invested in that hot new BMW or Mini Cooper you’ve always wanted. Congrats! After you have put some miles on your new ride, it will be time to start thinking about finding the best BMW and Mini Cooper repair and service facility in your area. Keeping up with regular maintenance and promptly addressing any necessary repairs are great ways to make sure you get the most mileage out of your vehicle. Luckily, The HAUS has two convenient locations near you to help take care of all your vehicle’s needs.
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San Fernando Summer Scorcher – Service your BMW Before The Valley Sizzles

Raging summertime heat is descending upon us. Southern Californians from Sherman Oaks in the Valley to Santa Monica on the Westside know what a serious Los Angeles heat wave is all about. You walk outside and instantly feel the weight of heavy hot air on your skin. Perspiration comes easy so you best not be wearing grey attire as it will soon be a much darker shade of grey. Although we readily embrace sun, sand, surf & welcome the sultry days of summer with opens arms, the increased heat can take a toll on your BMW if it’s not prepared to withstand the heat. Here are some specific components of your BMW that need to be regularly maintained to keep your BMW roadworthy this summer:
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The Best MINI Cooper Service Shop in Santa Monica

No matter what vehicle you drive, it requires routine maintenance to keep it roadworthy. You have three choices regarding its care. You can do the work yourself (if you have the time, tools, and expertise), you can take it to a dealership (if you have expendable cash), or you can go to a specialty shop that caters specifically to your vehicle (if you’re seeking the best option at a fair price). If you’re the owner of a MINI Cooper and you live or work in the Santa Monica area, you’re in luck. The HAUS – a full-service MINI Cooper service center on Pico Boulevard, is staffed with MINI Cooper technicians who not only know what they’re doing when they look under your vehicle’s hood, but also love what they do. And that’s nearly impossible to find – highly-skilled vehicle technicians who are just as passionate about the vehicles they service as are the owners of those vehicles. While there are many reasons you’ll want to choose the HAUS in Santa Monica as your MINI Cooper service center, here’s a look at three reasons why you should choose HAUS as your Independent MINI Cooper Service Center.
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4 Common Problems with BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5 Series first made its appearance back in 1972. In 2008, the five millionth 5 Series BMW was manufactured. Being a mainstay in the competitive high-end automotive market for over 40 years says something significant about the quality and class of the vehicle. From first time BMW owners to those who would never consider driving any other vehicle, the BMW 5 Series is beloved for countless reasons. With that said, however, it is a machine with moving parts and often with drivers who like to push it to its extreme – so, it’s no surprise that even the BMW 5 Series has common problems. Here’s a look at the top four:
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Beverly Hills Buzz – The 3 Coffee Spots You Need in Your Life

Just as you demand and deserve the very best from your BMW and Mini Cooper repair shop, the same holds true regarding the coffee shop you choose. From beautiful, aesthetically-appealing cafes that offer coffee thoughtfully brewed with ultimate care and the best beans in the world ~ to coffee boutiques that sell top-of-the-line coffee products and accessories, there is no reason today that you shouldn’t choose the very best product and service for every facet of your life. BMW repair and coffee included! Here’s a look at some of the local, wonderful coffee cafés near The Haus that are frequented by both our staff and our customers:
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Best Co-working Spaces in Santa Monica

As an entrepreneur or transformational business leader, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate, be creative, or meet deadlines from the comfort of your home’s couch or the distracting and demanding office environment. Tired of driving around from client meeting to client meeting in your BMW or Mini Cooper? Co-working spaces in Santa Monica offer alternatives for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who seek a workspace sanctuary for a few hours, for a day, or for months at a time. Here’s a look at three of the most popular co-working spaces that clients at The HAUS Santa Monica’s BMW and Mini Cooper repair shop have used:
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Need Your BMW or MINI Cooper Serviced in Santa Monica? Call Kevin & Take it to The Haus!

HAUS BMW Repairs Santa Monica

Whether you own a 2018 BMW Alpina B7 xDrive Sedan (that makes you cringe at the thought of anyone tinkering with), a 1968 BMW 1600 GT (that rarely sees the light of day outside of its garage), a way-cool 2018 Mini Cooper Countryman (that turns heads even in the driveway), or a rare 1967 Mini Cooper 1275S (that others often stop you to chat about), there will come a time when your beloved Beemer or Mini Cooper is due for a preventive maintenance check, needs some repair, or could use the expertise of a Certified Technician. Even if you’re mindful about how you operate your ride, you quench its thirst with clean fuel, and you keep it in pristine condition, everything mechanical eventually needs the attention and finesse of an expert to keep it running (or to get it running again for countless more trouble-free hours).

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Ahhh! What’s Wrong with my BMW?

Beverly Hills BMW Service

Even though BMWs are the ultimate driving machine and the most preferred vehicle of choice for Los Angeles residents, sometimes more service is needed than just routine maintenance.  Should you start hearing, feeling, or noticing something out of the norm with how your BMW handles, have a BMW Certified Technician at The Haus in Santa Monica or Sherman Oaks take a look at it before the problem escalates. Here are some aspects of your BMW — and their signs and symptoms — that may warrant a visit to our professional service and repair shop:
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Hey, Beverly Hills! If You Love Your BMW, Take it to The Haus!

BMW Repair Santa Monica

Whether most of the miles on your BMW’s odometer got there from your frequent jaunts to your favorite boutiques along Rodeo Drive, or from afternoon ventures along the Bird Streets in search of your next (or second) home, amassing miles on a vehicle has never been more enjoyable, scintillating, and gratifying than on a BMW. There’s a reason there’s an abundance of residents in Beverly Hills who own BMWs – individuals with discerning tastes consistently seek top-of-the-line products and services in every facet of their lives. So, it’s no surprise then that BMW owners from not only Beverly Hills, but also Santa Monica, Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Mar Vista, and Venice Beach choose only one BMW repair business to maintain and service their beloved Beemer: The Haus.
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