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The Haus is an independent BMW shop for all BMW maintenance and repairs. All our technicians are certified and we use all original manufacturer parts when it comes to servicing or repairing your BMW. With over 25 years of automotive experience, The Haus, an independent BMW shop, offers affordable prices you won’t find anywhere else. We can pick up and drop off your vehicle if you are in our vicinity. We also offer a free shuttle service within the San Fernando Valley.

Signs You Need To Pay A Visit To Our BMW Shop

Bring your vehicle to our BMW shop for oil changes and regular maintenance to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. “If you don’t maintain your car, you’re taking a vehicle that might have been driven for 200,000 miles over its life, and you’re knocking it down to maybe 150,000 miles,” says Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor at

When your brakes are going bad you may hear loud squeals and feel it may be more difficult to halt your vehicle while feeling abnormalities such as a vibrating or shaky feeling. Our technicians will inspect your brake systems and see what kind of repair or replacement is needed.

Transmission and clutch problems are noticeable and will be made aware of by a light coming up on your dashboard. You should bring your vehicle to our BMW shop as soon as possible to avoid potentially damaging it long-term.

Overheating issues on your BMW can mainly be due to cooling system issues. If that is one of your issues, we will run a complete cooling system inspection and replace the water pump, thermostat, and radiator if necessary. We can also provide performance upgrades to your cooling system.

Keep your engine in top shape by bringing it to our BMW shop for oil changes, spark plug and coil replacements. Our technicians are also ready to handle any valve, timing chain, and intake manifold issue and replacement.

When you have bad shocks or struts the ride can be bumpy or bouncy. This is most likely due to suspension issues. We can solve and replace springs, shocks, coilover, bushing, wheel bearing, and control arms. We also do performance upgrades on suspensions.

Bring your BMW to The Haus, an independent BMW shop, and you will not be disappointed. Not only will you receive the same or even better quality service with the same original manufacturer parts, but we will do it at a much lower cost than a dealership.

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